Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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“Armed non-State actors speak about child protection in armed conflict” Conference report released

13 October 2017

In November 2016, Geneva Call gathered 21 armed movements from 11 countries, including Burma/Myanmar, Colombia, Syria and Yemen, as well as specialized humanitarian agencies for an unprecedented meeting in Geneva on how... read more

ZUP show 5 October 2017 - Geneva

« Dance or Die » : a syrian dancer at the ZUP show in Geneva

7 October 2017

On Thursday 5 October Ahmad Joudeh participated in the show ZUP at the Plainpalais skate park, in partnership with Geneva Call. He opened this evening dedicated to war victims, with his solo “Sacrifice” that he has... read more

Syria: first training session on the law of armed conflict for the Syrian Democratic Forces near Raqqa

27 September 2017

In September 2017, Geneva Call trained more than 100 commanders from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the law of armed conflict, including the rules regulating the conduct of hostilities and humanitarian relief.... read more

Adoption of the Mine Ban Convention: 20 years already

18 September 2017

The 18 September 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Ottawa Treaty prohibiting the use of anti-personnel (AP) mines. To date, it has been ratified by 162 States. The convention has made a significant... read more

Interview with Elisabeth Decrey Warner, Executive President of Geneva Call

29 August 2017

Elisabeth Decrey Warner has headed Geneva Call since she co-founded it back in 1998. From its status of humanitarian “UFO”, she went on to create an organization renowned in its domain. It is now active in fifteen... read more

Iraq: the Sun Girls Brigade: teaching female Yezidi fighters about the rules of war

10 August 2017

The Iraqi conflict severely hit the Yezidi population, particularly the hundreds of women and girls who were allegdely victims of war crimes including organized rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage. Following these... read more

Annual Report 2016 : protecting civilians in the turmoil of war

27 July 2017

Geneva Call’s annual report 2016 is now out. 2016 was marked by at least 36 non-international armed conflicts taking place in 20 States. Geneva Call worked to prevent abuses against civilians in 14 of these conflicts... read more

Syria: 4 brigades of the Free Syrian Army commit to prohibit sexual violence and the use of child soldiers

3 July 2017

On 30th June 2017, the military leaders of four brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) signed Geneva Call’s Deeds of Commitment protecting children in armed conflict, prohibiting sexual violence and against gender... read more

Syria: civilians must be protected during the military operations in Raqqa

27 June 2017

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an armed actor composed of Kurdish and Arabic fighters and supported by an international coalition -  launched a major offensive against the Islamic State group in Raqqa earlier... read more

He danced in the ruins of Palmyra; now he will dance in Geneva at a special event in support of Geneva Call

25 June 2017

Ahmad Joudeh is from Syria and became famous via the TV documentary, Dance or Die, in which he danced amid Palmyra’s ruins in Syria. He now lives in the Netherlands and is a member of the Dutch National Ballet. On... read more