Protecting civilians in armed conflict

Geneva Call in the Media


List of press coverage

  • International Herald Tribune - NGO: Kurdish group destroys landmine stockpile
  • 2nd September 2008
    Geneva: Anti-land mine campaigners say an Iranian Kurdish rebel group has destroyed its stockpile of the weapon.
  • Asian Tribune - Sri Lanka commemorates Mine Ban Treaty
  • 15th September 2007
    The Landmine Ban Advocacy Forum (LBAF) marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty, prohibiting the use of anti-personnel mines.
  • Sri Lanka Daily News - Lankan team briefs international community on Human Rights
  • 8th September 2007
    GENEVA: Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe led a high level delegation to Geneva to brief the international community on the situation concerning human rights in Sri Lanka.
  • Lanka Business Report Newsdesk - Growing conflict hinders demining in Sri Lanka
  • 11th August 2007
    An escalating conflict in Sri Lanka has hindered plans to rid the country of anti-personnel mines, with both the government and the LTTE reluctant to give up use of the weapon.
  • One-World - Myanmar groups commit to mines ban
  • 16th April 2007
    Three ethnic armed groups from Burma/Myanmar commit to a ban on anti-personnel mines.
  • IRIN - MYANMAR: Demining moves a step closer
  • 16th April 2007
    A major Norwegian demining NGO says it is ready to begin mine-clearing in southeastern Myanmar once it receives a green light. “As soon as we get the go-ahead from both the government and relevant ethnic groups, we can start doing a survey, and then clearance,” Andreas Indregard, country director for NGO Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Myanmar, told IRIN. “From our side, we’re ready to act.”
  • The Georgian Times - Seminar dedicated to mine ban process to be held in Tbilisi
  • 13th April 2007
    The initial workshop “Towards a landmine-free South Caucasus - for local media representatives and NGO involvement in the Mine Ban Process” will be held on April 13 in Tbilisi.
  • Press Trust of India - Rebel group not to use landmines against junta
  • 10th August 2006
    Leaders of a Myanmar rebel movement fighting the country's military junta will stop using landmines in their insurgency, a small, Geneva-based group announced on Thursday in disclosing the latest militant group to sign on to its campaign against targeting civilians in war zones.
  • Reuters - Polisario destroys mines in Western Sahara
  • 3rd March 2006
    Algiers (Reuters) - Western Sahara's independence movement has started destroying its landmines in a boost for efforts to enlist "non-state" armed forces in the drive to abolish the weapon, a humanitarian group said on Friday.
  • IPS News - Colombia: Landmines on the ELN-Government Negotiating Table
  • 23rd December 2005
    Havana, Dec 22 (IPS) - The question of antipersonnel landmines could be included on a future humanitarian agenda for the civil war in Colombia, where these deadly weapons claim more than two victims a day on average, according to the international organisation Geneva Call.