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Le Temps - L'Appel aux rebelles

17th January 2014
Dans la jungle colombienne ou dans les montagnes du Kurdistan, Elisabeth Decrey Warner négocie avec les rebelles pour les convaincre d'adhérer aux normes humanitaires. Pour lire l'article, cliquer ici.
  • Independent Mon News Agency - Geneva Call conducts first workshop on children’s rights with NMSP
  • 28th November 2013
    Switzerland-based INGO Geneva Call signed an agreement with the New Mon State Party (NMSP) vowing to eliminate the use of child soldiers, and organized a joint workshop on children’s rights and protection in Mon State. While Geneva Call has conducted several such training sessions along the Thai-Burmese border, this will be the first event of its kind in collaboration with the NMSP.
  • Los Angeles Times-Legal experts teach Syrian rebels to prevent human rights abuses
  • 18th October 2013
    Activists work near the front lines to train Syrian rebels on international humanitarian law, hoping to avert rights abuses and war crimes.
  • IRIN News - Apply Niger demining lessons in Mali, Niger's ex-rebels urge
  • 16th September 2013
    Cooperetion between ex-rebels fighters and gouvernment authorities in demining parts of northern Niger should inspire gouvernment and non-state actors in Mali to embark on a joint demining project when they are ready, say ex-rebels and soldiers in Niger.

    Le Temps - Soudan: Des rebelles du Soudan sollicitent Berne

    31st August 2013
    Le SPLM-N demande à la Suisse de relancer une médiation avec Khartoum. Le mouvement s’est engagé auprès de Geneva Call à bannir les mines antipersonnel. Pour lire l'article entier, cliquer ici.
  • The Guardian - Cartoon campaign to tackle human rights abuse in Syria
  • 23rd May 2013
    The “Fighter, not Killer” campaign, which involves TV and YouTube ads, and a comic strip booklet, covers the main human rights violations currently causing most concern in Syria: the use of human shields, child soldiers, chemical weapons and sexual violence.
  • Arte - Syrie Initiative contre l'horreur Syrie: L'initiative fighter not killer
  • 19th May 2013
    Sensibiliser des rebelles Syriens aux conventions de Genève, alors qu'ils manquent de tout. Le défi est énorme et néanmoins accessible.
  • SPIEGEL ONLINE - Kämpfe in Syrien Mit Comics gegen Kriegsverbrechen
  • 15th May 2013
    Berichte über Gräueltaten von syrischen Rebellen haben dem Image der Revolution schwer geschadet. Die Exil-Opposition will ihren Kämpfern jetzt mit Comic-Strips und YouTube-Clips die Grundregeln des Kriegsrechts beibringen: Angriffe auf Zivilisten sind verboten, ebenso wie Folter und Vergewaltigung.