Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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  • Deadly Landmines Bring Terror To Millions In Myanmar
  • 15th March 2016
    An estimated 5 million people in the country live in areas littered with thehidden indiscriminate weapons.

    2nd October 2015
    Darf ein Krankenhaus unter Beschuss genommen werden, wenn sich Gegner dort verschanzen?
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  • This App Teaches Rebel Fighters Not to Commit War Crimes
  • 8th July 2015
    Geneva Call hope militants can be educated about the laws of war
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  • Du musst die Situation auswerten
  • 8th July 2015
    Eine Smartphone-App soll Kämpfern die Genfer Konventionen näherbringen. Was taugt sie?
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  • How do you behave in a war zone? There's an app for that
  • 8th July 2015
    Here’s the scenario. Pretend you’re a member of a rebel group and fighting against your government. Your commander tells you, your group has a new recruit. His name is Zako and you’re in charge of showing him the ropes.
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  • La guerre selon les règles
  • 27th May 2015
    Une ONG genevoise lance une application pour apprendre les subtilités du droit de la guerre. Et elles peuvent surprendre.
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  • Une appli pour apprendre aux combattants à épargner les civils dans les conflits armés
  • 26th May 2015
    Vous êtes maintenant un combattant d’une organisation luttant contre un gouvernement ennemi. L’application mobile « Combattant, pas assassin », de l’ONG Geneva Call, se propose de tester vos connaissances en matière de droit de la guerre.
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  • App sets rebel groups a quiz on "law of war" to protect civilians
  • 26th May 2015
    A new app presenting warfare scenarios, from helping the wounded, to enrolling young people as militants, aims to raise awareness among rebel groups of the "law of war" in order to protect civilians during conflict.
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  • Une appli sensibilise les combattants au droit de la guerre
  • 20th May 2015
    L'Appel de Genève a lancé mardi une initiative originale. L'ONG veut faire connaître le droit humanitaire grâce à une application mobile «Combattant, pas assassin».
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  • Palestinian factions in Lebanon join forces to keep ISIS out
  • 13th May 2015
    The streets of the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp in Lebanon are usually patrolled by militiamen sporting jeans and sneakers under their tactical vests and weapons. But today the patrol consists of a half-dozen young men marching in a neat, single file, wearing matching uniforms, red berets and toting Kalashnikovs.