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Somalia: Puntland authorities destroy anti-personnel mines

24 July 2008

Geneva/Garowe, 24 July 2008 – On 24 July 2008, the Puntland Mine Action Centre (PMAC), with technical support from Mines Advisory Group (MAG), destroyed 48 stockpiled antipersonnel (AP) mines near Garowe, in... read more

Somaliland on the way to adopt a legislation banning anti-personnel mines

27 November 2007

Somaliland on the Way to Adopt a Legislation Banning Anti-personnel Mines Hargeisa/Geneva - 27 November 2007 In collaboration with the Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT), Geneva Call and the... read more

Somalia: Puntland authorities grant unprecedented access to their stockpiles, request international assistance for humanitarian mine action

30 September 2007

Somalia: Puntland Authorities Grant Unprecedented Access to Their Stockpiles, Request International Assistance for Humanitarian Mine Action Geneva - 30 September 2007 As an act of good faith following allegations of... read more

Somalia commemorates the International Mine Awareness Day

4 April 2007

Somalia commemorates the International Mine Awareness Day Geneva/Baidoa, 4 April 2007- Isha Baidoa Human Rights Organisation, a member organisation of the Somali Campaign to Ban Antipersonnel Landmines (SOCBAL),... read more

Geneva Call’s mission visits mine affected areas in Somalia

8 October 2004

From 15 to 27 September 2004, a team of international NGOs headed by Geneva Call toured Somalia to assess the nature of the landmine problem and the need for assistance in   humanitarian   mine   action.  ... read more

Somali factions commit themselves under Geneva Call to ban anti-personal mines

12 November 2002

Somali Factions Commit Themselves under Geneva Call to Ban Anti-personal Mines 12 November 2002 Somali factions, including the Transitional National Government (cf. below list), gathering under the auspices of IGAD in... read more