Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Geneva Call gathers 21 armed movements in Geneva to discuss how to better protect children and education in armed conflict

1 December 2016

From 22 to 24 November 2016, 31 leaders, commanders and advisers of 21 armed movements from 11 countries, including Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Yemen, and Burma/Myanmar, participated in workshops and discussions around the... read more

Sudan: 7 SPLM-N representatives in Europe attend a training session on International Humanitarian Law in Geneva

11 October 2016

Geneva Call held a training session for 7 SPLM-N representatives based in various European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom). The SPLM-N has been a signatory to... read more

Sudan: 30 SPLM-N officers from the Blue Nile area are trained about the prohibition on recruiting children and the landmine ban

30 April 2016

While regular combat continues to oppose the Sudanese government and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N), Geneva Call held its first training session for 30 SPLM-N officers and fighters... read more

Sudan: the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement–North neutralizes 211 stockpiled anti-personnel mines

15 December 2015

In November, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement–North (SPLM-N) neutralized 211 stockpiled anti-personnel mines with the support of a technical expert brought in by Geneva Call. This first step towards the total... read more

IN THEIR WORDS – a new video featuring 13 representatives of armed non-State actors

16 September 2015

Geneva Call has just released a short video featuring 13 high-level representatives of armed non-State actors (ANSAs) from 10 countries, including Syria, Burma/Myanmar and Sudan. In it, they explain why they think it is... read more

First African signatory to the Deed of Commitment protecting children in armed conflict

30 June 2015

The SPLM (Sudan) has committed to prohibiting the use of children in hostilities and to ensuring that children are not recruited into or forcibly associated with armed forces. Following several meetings and work... read more

Sudan: Training on international humanitarian norms for four armed movements

28 October 2014

From 22nd to 24th October, Geneva Call conducted several training sessions on humanitarian norms for 33 high-level officers, military commanders and legal advisers from four Sudanese armed non-State actors (ANSA). It is... read more

Sudan: Two armed movements commit to ban landmines

17 August 2014

The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, led by Abdul Wahid (SLM/A-AW) and the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, led by Mini Minawi (SLM/A-MM) – two major armed non-State actors from Darfur - signed Geneva Call’s Deed of... read more

Major Sudanese armed group commits against anti-personnel mines

29 August 2013

On 29th August 2013, a delegation of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) - a leading force of the armed and political opposition in Sudan - comprising the Deputy Chairman Abdelaziz Alhilu and the... read more

Sudan: the Justice and Equality Movement pledges against anti-personnel mines

24 April 2012

Sudan: the Justice and Equality Movement pledges against anti-­personnel mines The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), part of the Sudanese armed opposition, has formally pledged to ban anti-­personnel (AP) mines.... read more