Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Kurdish region: amidst concerns about child recruitment, Geneva Call launches a campaign on the protection of the civilian population

7 February 2017

On 14th February 2017 Geneva Call is launching a 10-day video campaign on social media – mainly Facebook and Twitter - to raise awareness on the issue of recruitment and use of children during armed conflict and the... read more


Geneva Call gathers 21 armed movements in Geneva to discuss how to better protect children and education in armed conflict

1 December 2016

From 22 to 24 November 2016, 31 leaders, commanders and advisers of 21 armed movements from 11 countries, including Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Yemen, and Burma/Myanmar, participated in workshops and discussions around the... read more


Mosul: Geneva Call works with the Shia Popular Mobilization Forces and the Peshmerga forces on the protection of civilians

1 November 2016

As the military operations around Mosul enter their 16th day, Geneva Call is continuing in its efforts to raise awareness about the protection of civilians with the main armed actors involved, particularly the Kurdish... read more


Iraq: “civilians must be respected and protected in Mosul, regardless of their religion” say representatives of civil society organizations

20 October 2016

On 18th October, Geneva Call in partnership with Un Ponte Per, Public Aid Organization and Norwegian People's Aid, organized a conference in Dohuk on the protection of civilians during the military operations in... read more

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International Humanitarian Law must be respected by all warring parties involved in the Fallujah armed operations

10 June 2016

Geneva Call is deeply concerned about violations of international humanitarian law reported by media and international organizations during the ongoing military operations led by the Iraqi Army and supported by the... read more

iraq awareness session

Iraq: awareness raising on humanitarian norms for 22 high-ranking Peshmerga commanders, and a first visit to the Sinjar region

1 May 2016

Discussions and an awareness raising session on humanitarian norms for Peshmerga commanders Armed operations have recently increased around the contested city of Mosul, as well as in Sinjar and Makhmur, putting... read more


Iraq: training on humanitarian norms for members of the Shia Popular Mobilization Units

30 March 2016

Following several meetings, Geneva Call held its first training sessions on international humanitarian law (IHL) for fighters, officers and members of the Iraqi Shia armed actor, the Popular Mobilization Units - Saraya... read more