Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Humanitarian Dialogue: Shia Religious Leaders set precedents and agree on IDP Protection in Najaf/Iraq

13 May 2019

On 30 April, Shia religious leaders, religious scholars and academics from Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen and Bahrein convened in Najaf/Iraq at the Islamic University under the auspices of Geneva Call. The purpose of this... read more

Iraq: two armed actors sign a humanitarian declaration to protect civilians, children and displaced people

17 December 2018

On 12 December 2018, the Ninewa Guards - an armed actor from Mosul - and the Ezidkhan Protection Forces - a Yezidi armed actor from Sinjar - each signed a “Unilateral Humanitarian Declaration to Respect Humanitarian... read more

Geneva Call organizes its first workshop for journalists on the protection of internally displaced persons

6 December 2018

On November 7 and 8 2018, Geneva Call organized a two-day workshop on the protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in armed conflict for Kurdish journalists in Erbil. Eighteen TV, radio, print and online media... read more

Geneva Call raises awareness of the need to protect displaced persons in Iraq and supports the launch of the Peshmerga forces’ first code of conduct

2 October 2018

During the summer months of 2018 Geneva Call organized three workshops in Iraq around the rules for the protection of displaced persons and prohibition of forced displacement in Baghdad, Anbar and Kirkuk. These... read more

Iraq: “Displaced people have the right to return to their homes.” A first training session with a tribal Sunni brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Anbar

28 March 2018

On 14 and 15 February, Geneva Call conducted a first two-day workshop on the law of armed conflict, including the rules governing the rights of displaced people, for 31 fighters and commanders from a tribal Sunni... read more

Iraq: training the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Human Rights Monitoring Unit on the law of armed conflict

4 January 2018

Geneva Call, in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) High Committee to Evaluate and Respond to International Reports (HCERIR), organized two workshops on international humanitarian law (IHL)... read more

Iraq: the Sun Girls Brigade: teaching female Yezidi fighters about the rules of war

10 August 2017

The Iraqi conflict severely hit the Yezidi population, particularly the hundreds of women and girls who were allegdely victims of war crimes including organized rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage. Following these... read more

Iraq: coaching Peshmerga trainers in teaching the rules of war to their units

15 June 2017

To the article in Kurdish Sorani In November 2016, 17 Peshmerga officers graduated from Geneva Call’s training of trainers on the rules of war. They have now started to disseminate these rules to all... read more

Iraq : first steps towards the creation of a training academy on humanitarian norms within the Popular Mobilization Forces

24 May 2017

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and Geneva Call agreed to start a process to reinforce the PMF own capacity to train their fighters on humanitarian norms and the protection of civilians.  The PMF are one of the... read more

Iraq: dialogue on the protection of civilians with one of the main armed actors, the Popular Mobilization Forces

25 March 2017

Since January 2016, Geneva Call has been engaging in a humanitarian dialogue with the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) on the protection of civilians. With more than 100 000 fighters, the PMF is one of the main... read more