Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Geneva Call advocates for a dialogue with armed groups on humanitarian issues at the Munich Security Conference

20 March 2017

Since the beginning of 2017, Geneva Call has been invited to participate in four international conferences to share its expertise in engaging armed non-State actors on the protection of civilian populations. The need of... read more


Syria: senior commanders of 8 Free Syrian Army brigades met in Geneva to discuss how to better protect children during conflict

28 February 2017

Geneva Call held a workshop with commanders of 8 brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to discuss the laws of armed conflict with a focus on the issues of child recruitment and protection of education in armed... read more


Syria: protection of civilians must be guaranteed during evacuations from East Aleppo and Kefraya and Foua

20 December 2016

The catastrophic humanitarian situation and the appalling number of grave violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) in Aleppo continue to exacerbate the suffering of the civilian populations. Geneva Call... read more


Syria: Geneva Call calls all parties to the conflict to stop indiscriminate attacks in Aleppo

3 November 2016

Geneva Call is deeply concerned about violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) by all parties to the conflict reported by media and national and international organizations during the ongoing armed... read more


Mosul: Geneva Call works with the Shia Popular Mobilization Forces and the Peshmerga forces on the protection of civilians

1 November 2016

As the military operations around Mosul enter their 16th day, Geneva Call is continuing in its efforts to raise awareness about the protection of civilians with the main armed actors involved, particularly the Kurdish... read more


Syria: Geneva Call launches “Fighter not Killer”—a media campaign on the rules of war

21 October 2016

On 20th October 2016, with hostilities ongoing in Syria, Geneva Call relaunched its “Fighter not Killer” media campaign on the rules of war. Until December, video clips presenting such basic humanitarian rules... read more


Iraq: “civilians must be respected and protected in Mosul, regardless of their religion” say representatives of civil society organizations

20 October 2016

On 18th October, Geneva Call in partnership with Un Ponte Per, Public Aid Organization and Norwegian People's Aid, organized a conference in Dohuk on the protection of civilians during the military operations in... read more


Geneva Call welcomes the announcement of the official start of the negotiations between the Colombian Government and the ELN

13 October 2016

Geneva Call is delighted with the official start of the peace negotiations planned on the 27th of October in Quito, Ecuador, as announced on the 10th of October by the Colombian Government and the ELN. Geneva Call... read more