Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Northwest Syria: current military operations in Afrin put 323,000 people at risk

1 February 2018

On 20 January 2017, fighting between the Turkish army, supported by several Syrian armed non-State actors (ANSAs), and the Kurdish People’s Defences Forces (YPG/YPJ) broke out in Afrin, a region of Northwest Syria.... read more


The Philippines: first meetings with communities affected by armed hostilities in Marawi

14 January 2018

Geneva Call staff recently travelled to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines to assess the situation and evaluate the possibilities of working towards increased protection for civilians. The organization’s... read more


Yemen: first workshop for women from civil society on the law of armed conflict

7 December 2017

From 8 to 12 October 2017, Geneva Call organized a three-day training session on the law of armed conflict and a two-day thematic workshop on child protection, the ban on anti-personnel mines and the prohibition of... read more


2017 Garance Talks: the role of armed non-State actors in the administration of justice in armed conflict

24 November 2017

On 22 November, Geneva Call held its second session of Garance Talks on the topic of the administration of justice by armed non-State actors (ANSA). ANSAs frequently carry out judicial or quasi-judicial procedures... read more


Syria: general commanders of four Free Syrian Army brigades make humanitarian commitments in Geneva

15 November 2017

On 14 November 2017, the general commanders of four Free Syrian Army (FSA) brigades signed various Deeds of Commitment during a ceremony in the Alabama Room at Geneva town hall in the presence of a representative from... read more


Syria: first training session on the law of armed conflict for the Syrian Democratic Forces near Raqqa

27 September 2017

In September 2017, Geneva Call trained more than 100 commanders from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the law of armed conflict, including the rules regulating the conduct of hostilities and humanitarian relief.... read more

yezidi sun girls fighters

Iraq: the Sun Girls Brigade: teaching female Yezidi fighters about the rules of war

10 August 2017

The Iraqi conflict severely hit the Yezidi population, particularly the hundreds of women and girls who were allegdely victims of war crimes including organized rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage. Following these... read more

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Syria: civilians must be protected during the military operations in Raqqa

27 June 2017

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an armed actor composed of Kurdish and Arabic fighters and supported by an international coalition -  launched a major offensive against the Islamic State group in Raqqa earlier... read more


Iraq: coaching Peshmerga trainers in teaching the rules of war to their units

15 June 2017

To the article in Kurdish Sorani In November 2016, 17 Peshmerga officers graduated from Geneva Call’s training of trainers on the rules of war. They have now started to disseminate these rules to all... read more


Iraq : first steps towards the creation of a training academy on humanitarian norms within the Popular Mobilization Forces

24 May 2017

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and Geneva Call agreed to start a process to reinforce the PMF own capacity to train their fighters on humanitarian norms and the protection of civilians.  The PMF are one of the... read more