Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Geneva Call holds a workshop in Beirut to support NGOs working in Syria

1 February 2019

On December 18 and 19 2018, Geneva Call organised a two-day workshop in Beirut, Lebanon covering International Humanitarian Law, and humanitarian protection and access in Syria for thirty-four different international... read more

Iraq: two armed actors sign a humanitarian declaration to protect civilians, children and displaced people

17 December 2018

On 12 December 2018, the Ninewa Guards - an armed actor from Mosul - and the Ezidkhan Protection Forces - a Yezidi armed actor from Sinjar - each signed a “Unilateral Humanitarian Declaration to Respect Humanitarian... read more

New mine risk workshops launched in the Chocó region of Colombia

6 December 2018

Geneva Call has recently launched a series of new workshops on mine risk education in the Chocó department of Colombia. The workshops aim to raise awareness of the issue of landmines and the risks they pose to... read more

Geneva Call organizes its first workshop for journalists on the protection of internally displaced persons

6 December 2018

On November 7 and 8 2018, Geneva Call organized a two-day workshop on the protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in armed conflict for Kurdish journalists in Erbil. Eighteen TV, radio, print and online media... read more

The Syrian Democratic Forces release 56 children under the age of 18

3 December 2018

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recently announced that 56 boys under the age of 18 had left their organisation and were returned to their families. This decision came following a military order on child protection,... read more

Geneva Call launches an innovative new Deed of Commitment on protecting health care in armed conflict

23 November 2018

Attacks on health care facilities, personnel and medical transports have increased significantly in conflict zones in recent years. Armed groups are believed to be responsible for about a third of all such incidents of... read more

“Culture under fire”: Geneva Call launches pioneering new study on armed non-State actors and the protection of cultural heritage

23 October 2018

Geneva Call is delighted to publish a new report entitled “Culture under fire: armed non-State actors and cultural heritage in wartime”. The report will be officially launched at an event to be held at the Embassy... read more

The Philippines: Launch of “Conflict has rules too”, an awareness campaign on the law of armed conflict

22 October 2018

“Conflict has rules too”: this is the core message of the multimedia campaign that Geneva Call is launching today in Cotabato City in the Philippines, in the presence of national, regional and local Filipino... read more

Landmark high-level meeting between Geneva Call and the Sudanese authorities on the respect of IHL and the protection of civilians

17 October 2018

As part of its ongoing humanitarian dialogue on the protection of civilians, Geneva Call held meetings with the Sudanese authorities during a visit to Khartoum between 11 and 13 September 2018.   The Sudanese... read more

Alain Délétroz speaks to CNN: “The majority of conflicts today involve armed non-State actors: engaging with them is crucial if we want to protect civilians in armed conflict”

2 October 2018

Mr. Délétroz was interviewed by CNN Money Switzerland, as part of their series on International Geneva, in which they feature personalities from the international cooperation, humanitarian assistance and human rights... read more