Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Geneva Call conducts IHL awareness raising sessions in the East and West of Libya

12 June 2019

Geneva Call’s Director of Operations, Hichem Khadhraoui, visited Benghazi and Tripoli in May 2019, meeting with a variety of interlocutors including the Mayors of Tripoli, Yafren and Benghazi. This was an opportunity... read more

Our “War Has Rules Too” mobile application and videos reach thousands across Ukraine

29 May 2019

Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2015, more than 3000 civilians have been killed, over 750 schools damaged, and the country heads the list of the most mine-contaminated territories. To protect... read more

Friends of IHL network created in Aden to raise awareness of International Humanitarian Law in Yemen

21 May 2019

A workshop organized by the Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies, in partnership with Geneva Call, was held on Saturday, 4 May 2019 to establish a partnership network called the “Friends of International Humanitarian... read more

Humanitarian Dialogue: Shia Religious Leaders set precedents and agree on IDP Protection in Najaf/Iraq

13 May 2019

On 30 April, Shia religious leaders, religious scholars and academics from Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen and Bahrein convened in Najaf/Iraq at the Islamic University under the auspices of Geneva Call. The purpose of this... read more

Geneva Call launches its “Fighter not Killer” Facebook campaign in Libya

17 April 2019

In light of the latest escalation of the conflict in Libya, Geneva Call is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the rules of war among all parties to the conflict in Libya. Geneva Call’s “Fighter not... read more

Statement of Mr. Alain Délétroz, Director General of Geneva Call, on the adoption of Resolution 2462 by the United Nations Security Council

2 April 2019

On 28 March 2019, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2462 on preventing and combating the financing of terrorism. While the legitimate concerns of United Nations Member States regarding the need to... read more

Naval Mines and International Humanitarian Law, by Ximena Galvez, Eurasia Desk Officer and Legal Advisor

1 April 2019

Summary Relatively little attention has been paid to naval mines for quite some time, because they have rarely been used in recent years. They are known as inexpensive, self-contained explosive devices with... read more

The Palestinian National Security Forces adopt a Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, committing to improve respect of international humanitarian norms in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon

25 March 2019

Following the long-term humanitarian engagement to sensitize the Palestinian National Security Forces in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon around international humanitarian norms and to enhance respect of these norms, a... read more

Geneva Call publishes a study on the negotiation of humanitarian access in North Kivu

20 March 2019

In response to the shrinking humanitarian space in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this report seeks to shed light on the humanitarian access negotiation practices of NGOs operating in the area. It... read more

Geneva Call’s Director General signs a cooperation agreement with the Australian government

6 March 2019

Alain Délétroz with Mr Tony Sheehan, Deputy Secretary for International Security of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. To reinforce its longstanding support from Australia, Geneva Call conducted a strategic... read more