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Geneva Call is looking for a Consultant: mission opening-Afghanistan

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Geneva Call is a not-for- profit international humanitarian organization founded in 1998 under Swiss law. Geneva Call is dedicated to promoting respect for of humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians, by armed-non-State Actors, de facto and governing administrations. For this purpose, Geneva Call advocates among conflict parties to ensure they do their upmost to transpose IHL into concrete measures that guarantee the safety of civilians and protect their fundamental rights.

Geneva Call is intending to launch a humanitarian program in Afghanistan to engage Armed Non-State Actors on the Law of Armed Conflict as a way to reduce the adverse impact of armed violence on civilians and hors de combat. The analysis of the information gathered in Afghanistan and through desk assessment has paved the way for Geneva Call to take a step forward towards formalizing its presence in the region as a preparatory phase to launch its program in selected areas of the country. As recommended by stakeholders in the region, Geneva Call will emphasise its neutral and impartial approach and will work with transparency with all parties to the conflict. Geneva Call may also look at the option to develop a regional programming encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Facilitator for mission opening - Afghanistan


The overall aim of the consultancy is to prepare the opening of an impartial humanitarian program in Afghanistan. In coordination with the central Government, the program will aim at advocating among Armed Non-State Actors towards achieving humanitarian policies and practices of the highest standard in respect to the protection of civilians affected by armed conflict. It is firstly required for Geneva Call to officially register in Afghanistan; secondly, Geneva Call will look at liaising with influential actors, including within the community, who can support the development of the program; and third, Geneva Call will need to select priority ANSA and locations where to start engagement and identity entry points. To that end, Geneva Call is looking for a consultant to work ahead of program deployment in country and consolidate the preparatory phase. The consultant will be hired for a 2-month period of time and the following results will be expected:
  • Registration and setting up of an official presence in the country: Gather information related to registration procedures in Afghanistan; identify a suitable lawyer would could support Geneva Call in the registration process; and secure long-term relations with Ministry in charge of the administration of INGOs;
  • Develop a network of high level contact in key donor, diplomatic officials, media, local partner organizations, domestic and international research organizations and think tanks, and specialists in the field of conflict, fragility, security, CVE and protection. Develop cordial and sound contact with Afghanistan government officials including the military.
  • Provides technical and intellectual recommendations for effective program design aiming at i) generating higher IHL interest among armed non-State actors; ii) transposing rules into concrete mechanics to ensure compliance by armed non-State actors and iii) improving self-protection through increased ownerships of humanitarian norms that apply in conflict and improved relations between civilians and armed non-State actors on humanitarian matters;
  • Provides technical and administrative guidance for an effective and secured office setup in Afghanistan in respect to domestic obligations in regards with the administrations of international NGO and humanitarian personnel in country;
  • Gather and analyse security plans from various organisations with similar set up, capture best practices and contribute to the development of security guidelines for the concerned country; Connect Geneva Call to INGO forum, INSO and relevant security management structures to ensure Geneva Call is fed with necessary information that will contribute to the protection of the personnel, the program and local partner organisations;
  • Ensure logistics for HQ visits to the region including hotels, drivers, visa etc.

Main Qualifications

Mandatory   Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field. Proven ability to link strong analytical approaches and understanding with practical, on-the-ground programming, excellent communication and diplomatic skills, considerable existing network in the region, ability to work independently, demonstrated experience working with civil society, grassroots activists, armed non-Sate Actors and political actors in Asia. Proven interpersonal and intercultural skills and sensitivity, fluent in English and one of the local language;   Other skills:   Experience with program design, development, and implementation; office or program management; and grants management in complex, fast-changing, and challenging field operations in conflict, fragile or transitional environments   Preferable nationality:   From Asia region preferably   Principles:   Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process. All Geneva Call’s activities are guided by the principle of do-no-harm. Moreover, all assessments should strive to fulfil the highest criteria of accuracy, independence, informed consent, and should adequately attribute sources.

Conflict of Interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève / Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.


  • Position: Consultant
  • Consultancy contract, based in Kabul with regular travel to Mazar and Kunduz
  • 100%
  • Preferred start date: 01 June 2018
  • The overall supervisor of this assignment will be the Head of Eurasia Region.


The interested candidates should provide the following:
  • CV and motivation letter that shows the relevant experience;
  • Suggested assessment methodology (including work plan);
  • Cost proposal that specifies the daily rate. Other costs related to this consultancy (insurance, accommodation, logistical means, and transportation) will be covered by Geneva Call as per its internal international staff policies;
to, Ref: “Afghanistan facilitation” no later than 30 March , 2018. All applications will be kept confidential.  Please note only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for further process.  
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