Protecting civilians in armed conflict

Why donate to Geneva Call

Why Donate

Ten good reasons to donate to Geneva Call

1.       Prevention:
Geneva Call focuses its action on avoiding tragedy rather than providing assistance afterwards: it aims at reducing the effects of armed conflict on civilians in specific thematic areas – protection of women, child protection, a ban on anti-personnel mines, and more broadly through respect for humanitarian norms.

2.       Allocation of resources where people are in need: Geneva Call focuses on the attitudes of armed non-State actors (ANSAs) which are often not otherwise engaged, with a view to improving their behaviour towards civilians on the ground.

3.       Unique focus: In fact Geneva Call is the only NGO to focus solely on the long-term humanitarian engagement of ANSAs.

4.       Complementarity: Geneva Call engages on issues where this is complementary with other actors. It does not seek to duplicate work that is already being effectively done by other actors.

5.       Impact: Geneva Call’s activities have improved or saved the lives of countless thousands of civilians living in the midst of conflict. More than 100 ANSAs have been engaged by Geneva Call on the protection of civilians. 63 have signed one or more of Geneva Call’s Deeds of Commitment.

6.       Efficiency and Value for Money: Geneva Call makes sure resources are used efficiently, and a monitoring and evaluation mechanism ensures that programmes are monitored and managed according to international standards.

7.       Local empowerment: Geneva Call seeks grassroots partnership and empowerment wherever possible, and provides training and advice on ANSA engagement. Geneva Call does not seek to perpetuate its local presence but to withdraw as soon as it is feasible to do so.

8.       Transparency: Geneva Call publishes an annual report providing details of the successes and challenges in its engagement with ANSAs around the world. The organization is audited by international auditors BDO, and by international donors.

9.       Small is beautiful: With the equivalent of just 44 staff and consultants (2017 figures), Geneva Call operates 19 programmes worldwide on four continents. A Swiss organization that punches way above its weight.

10.   Tax deduction: If you pay tax in Switzerland, donations made to the organization are tax-deductible depending on specific regulations in your canton.

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