Protecting civilians in armed conflict


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Since independence, Yemen has experienced long periods of conflict and civil war. In 2004, Al-Houthi movement / Ansar Allah began an armed rebellion against the government of Yemen in the northern province of Sa’ada.

Since early 2015, the security situation in Yemen has deteriorated drastically, progressively affecting 21 out of 22 governorates. The Saudi-led military coalition, formed in 2015, has continued to launch airstrikes on the country with the stated objectives of restoring Yemen’s legitimate government and securing Saudi Arabia’s borders.

Shelling and bombardment have reportedly caused thousands of casualties, the displacement of over 3 million people and massive destruction of civilian property. Crippled by decades of conflict and under-development, Yemeni communities are overwhelmed by needs and have limited access to basic services.


Thematic areas of work in this country
Humanitarian_norms_dark Landmine_ban_dark Gender_issues_dark Child_protection_dark
Humanitarian norms Landmine ban Gender issues Child protection

Geneva Call began discussions on an AP mine ban with the Al-Houthi movement/Ansar Allah in 2008, and these have since been extended to include child protection. As this armed conflict evolves, Geneva Call also targets other ANSAs on the same priority themes. In view of the in-country security constraints, Geneva Call faces significant difficulties in conducting activities in Yemen. As a result, it organizes meetings outside the country, aims to indirectly influence the behaviour of ANSAs by engaging with local community-based organization (CBOs)/civil society organization (CSOs) and works very closely with partners to implement activities.

Main achievements

  • Ansar Allah/Al-Houthi welcomed Geneva Call’s engagement as a neutral intermediary for facilitating mine action, including humanitarian demining in the Sa’ada area.
  • Ansar Allah/Al-Houthi informed Geneva Call that they do not recruit and use children below 15 years of age and remained open to deepening the dialogue with Geneva Call on their child policy.
  • During a three-day workshop organized together with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 17 women from 9 provinces across the country discussed their role in the protection of civilians and peacebuilding.
  • In 2015, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre Centre welcomed a project on mine action, and CSOs expressed interest in the promotion of humanitarian norms.

In Yemen, Geneva Call works or has worked with the following armed non-State actors:

Organization Active Thematic areas
Landmine ban Child protection Gender issues Humanitarian norms
Al-Houthi movement/Ansar Allah (Ansar Al-lah/Al-Houthi) Yes
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