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Since 1969 the government has faced a protracted guerrilla campaign by the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army (CPP/NPA) across much of the country. On the southern island of Mindanao, where yet another conflict has claimed more than 120,000 lives, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front/Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (MILF/BIAF) has been fighting for a separate state.

A draft law on the creation of an autonomous Bangsamoro political region for Moro people in Mindanao was under review in Congress at the end of 2014. This was one outcome of a peace agreement signed between the Philippines government and the MILF/BIAF in March 2014. Clashes between government forces and other Moro armed non-State actors (ANSAs) continue to occur, though, usually in remote areas of Mindanao, as did the low-intensity armed conflict in various parts of the country opposing the CPP/NPA and the army.


Thematic areas of work in this country
Landmine_ban_dark Gender_issues_dark Child_protection_dark
Landmine ban Gender issues Child protection

Geneva Call has been engaged in the Philippines since 2000. It monitors and supports the implementation of the Deed of Commitment banning anti-personnel (AP) mines by signatory ANSAs. Geneva Call also contributes, whenever possible, to the development of humanitarian mine/explosive remnant of war clearance programmes jointly implemented by government agencies, the ANSA concerned and mine-action organizations. Since 2010, Geneva Call has sought to broaden its engagement with ANSAs to also include gender-related issues, especially in view of the possible creation of an autonomous Bangsamoro political region for Moro people in Mindanao.

Main achievements

  • Several ANSAs signed the Deed of Commitment banning AP mines. (see the table below).
  • The MILF/BIAF incorporated its obligations under the Deed of Commitment banning AP mines into its internal regulations (General Order no 3).
  • More than a thousand MILF/BIAF commanders and fighters have been trained on the provisions of the Deed of Commitment banning AP mines.
  • The MILF/BIAF has agreed to work with Geneva Call on the prohibition of sexual violence and the protection of women and 16 women and 1 man, members of Moro community civil society organizations based in areas that may become part of the Bangsamoro political region, participated in a workshop on gender issues organized jointly with UnYPhil-Women.
  • Compliance by the signatories to the Deed of Commitment banning AP mines—the MILF/BIAF, Revolutionary Workers Party of Mindanao (RPM) and Revolutionary Workers Party of the Philippines – Alex Bocayo (RPM-ABB) —was confirmed by Geneva Call’s regular monitoring processes and visits.

In Philippines, Geneva Call works or has worked with the following armed non-State actors:

Organization Active Thematic areas
Landmine ban Child protection Gender issues Humanitarian norms
Communist Party of the Philippines / New People’s Army (CPP/NPA) Yes
Moro Islamic Liberation Front / Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (MILF/BIAF) Yes
  • Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Yes
    Revolutionary Workers Party of Mindanao (RPM/RPA) Yes
  • Revolutionary Workers Party of the Philippines/Revolutionary Proletarian Army – Alex Boncayo Brigade (RPM-P/RPA-ABB) Yes
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    The ANSA is being engaged by Geneva Call on this thematic area


    The ANSA was engaged by Geneva Call on this thematic area


    The ANSA has signed the Deed of Commitment on this thematic area


    • is a directory of armed non-State actors commitments. Check out the documents concerning this country on

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