Protecting civilians in armed conflict

Consultancy – Assessment Mali

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Status :  Open

Geneva Call (GC) is a private, not-for- profit humanitarian organization founded in 1998 under Swiss law. Geneva Call is dedicated to promoting respect by armed non-State actors (ANSAs) for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians. Geneva Call is currently focusing its efforts on banning the use of anti-personnel mines, protecting children from the effects of armed conflict, prohibiting sexual violence in armed conflict and working towards the elimination of gender discrimination.

Geneva Call wishes to start implementing activities in Mali and has already conducted assessment missions in 2013 and since then, maintained an open dialogue with a certain number of stakeholders. However, in order to become fully operational, Geneva Call needs to update its context understanding, reinitiate dialogue with governmental authorities, representatives of the civil society relevant to GC mission, and start gathering concrete information for developing its programmes (admin / log, security…).


Date of Publication

29 May 2017




Geneva Call is looking for a Consultant to conduct a second exploratory mission together with Geneva Call’s staff and to provide concrete plan of action and recommendations to Geneva Call to start operating in Mali.



To explore engagement possibilities and approaches with ANSAs and actors of the civil society in Northern and Central Mali, develop contacts with State authorities and identify stakeholders favourable to Geneva Call as humanitarian actor leading humanitarian dialogue.


  • To present Geneva Call’s mandate and activities to Central Government and seek support to start engagement with ANSAs on the protection of civilians;
  • To prepare the ground for getting the necessary official permissions to work in the country and also in ANSAs areas;
  • To seek for guidance and advise from humanitarian/human rights organizations, academics/analysts to identify engagement possibilities with the relevant ANSAs);
  • To gather information related to the areas of focus of Geneva Call: IHL rules with a focus on child protection in Armed Conflicts, SGBV patterns, use of anti-personal landmines and IED/IED, forced displacement & protection of cultural in heritage;
  • To reinforce the acceptance of Geneva Call role and presence in Mali by key traditional and religious stakeholders and to get primary support in accessing ANSAs’ constituencies;
  • To identify Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), as potential future partners;
  • To initiate dialogue with those CBOs and CSOs;
  • Identify local media which could help promoting IHL dissemination (radio stations, newspapers, websites…);
  • To undertake analysis of operational and logistical office opening set-up in Central/North Mali and develop running budget (minimum set up – one full time local employee, room rental within an already existing local or international NGO, one car);
  • To identify main threats and risks related to program implementation / office opening;
  • And propose mitigation measures (telecommunications, passive security…);
  • To present Geneva Call to humanitarian coordination mechanisms and to gather relevant information on the situation and protection of civilians and to explore the type of activities that Geneva Call could carry out, avoiding duplication;



  • All relevant State Actors (Ministries of Human Rights and State Reform, Solidarity and Humanitarian action, Defence, National Reconciliation, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Woman, Child and Family Promotion, Religious Affairs…);
  • Mediation Team supporting the implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation;
  • Traditional and religious authorities;
  • Protection INGO and other types of relevant humanitarian organisations (such as ICRC);
  • EU and EU military missions (EUTM);
  • French Army representatives ;
  • Leaders of Plateforme;
  • Leaders of Coordination des Mouvements de l’Azawad (CMA);
  • Local Medias.

North or central Mali (specific location TBC, Gao, Mopti)

  • Decentralised central Government;
  • Traditional and religious authorities;
  • Protection INGOs and implementing partners;
  • French Army representatives;
  • CSO (protection related);
  • CBOs;


The length of the consultancy is 20 days divided as follows:

  • Field work – Bamako = 4 days
  • Field work – North and Centre Mali = 7 days
  • Report Writing = 9 day with a 1st version of the report provided to GC (day 15) and final version including answers to comments and questions to be provided (day 20) (please see below – section 6).


The reporting should include:

-A narrative report,

  • Executive summary;
  • Analysis of the level of acceptancy by the national authorities;
  • Identification of all administrative tasks to be completed to start intervention within Mali;
  • Identification of religious, traditional, influential stakeholders who could favour contacts with ANSAs;
  • Identification of all humanitarian / protection coordination platforms / fora;
  • Protection analysis (what are the main protection risks for the civilian population?)
  • Gaps analysis of in terms of protection coverage;
  • Identification of CBOs and CSOs working in the field of protection for potential partnerships,
  • Risk analysis;


  • 3 W matrix on protection including local / national NGOs;
  • List of costs (telecommunication, office rental, salary scales / grids…)


  • Consultant;
  • The consultant will be accompanied by a GC representative during the duration of the assessment;
  • Driver/fixer (To be identified by the consultant).


All Geneva Call’s activities are guided by the principle of do-no-harm. Moreover, all assessments should strive to fulfil the highest criteria of accuracy, independence, informed consent, and should adequately attribute sources.


The candidate is asked to submit a cost proposal that specifies the daily rate, as well as any other costs related to this consultancy (insurance, accommodation, logistical means, transportation…).


  • Previous experience in NGO representation before Malian officials, and Malian persons of influence;
  • Already existing network in the relevant areas in Mali;
  • Experience from working in/on the Sahelian context;
  • Knowledge of the specificities of humanitarian action, International Humanitarian Law and current challenges in situations of armed conflict.
  • Knowledge of regional and local languages
  • Knowledge of International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights would be an asset.


The interested candidates should provide the following documents before the 1st of June 2017:

  • CV that shows the relevant experience;
  • Suggested assessment methodology (including work plan);
  • Cost proposal.

Applications should be sent to the following email address:, with the reference “Mali Assessment”.