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I – Introduction

Geneva Call is a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organization working to improve the protection of civilians in armed conflict. We strengthen the respect for the law of armed conflict by armed groups and support local communities in their efforts to improve their own protection.

Geneva Call has recently adopted a new visual identity, more in line with its expanded global activities and its focus on new thematic activities. We are also reviewing and updating our communication strategy, to recalibrate our focus in terms of the stakeholders we wish to target and the messages we wish to disseminate. The Geneva Call website now also needs to evolve to reflect the updated vision of the organisation and the broader scope of its work, both geographically and thematically. Redesigning the website is part of a larger communication and advocacy project seeking to reposition the organisation and consolidate its influence and standing internationally.

The organisation has gained good visibility and a sound reputation among key actors in recent years but now needs to evolve from the image of a small Geneva-based NGO to that of the leading international NGO in the field of humanitarian engagement with ANSAs, with a solid and growing field presence. The redesign of the website is a key step in achieving this objective.

II – Expectations and objectives

Regarding our expectations for how the new website should function, we would like it to be a “shop window”: it should be thought of as a marketing tool, used primarily to present an overview of our work, our achievements and our methodology without going into excessive detail about, for example, our operations and our activities with each specific armed non-State actor (ANSA).

Those persons who want more detailed information should have access to a select number of studies/reports/documents which illustrate our work across all geographic regions and thematic areas. We should therefore use the website to provide illustrative examples of what we do rather than an exhaustive overview.

To achieve our communication objectives, we need to harness the potential of our website by providing an attractive, clear and general overview of who we are, what our work is, what it achieves and why we do it.

Our website should therefore evolve to become mainly impact-oriented, visual and dynamic including more graphs, infographics and other visual aids to present data.

Ultimately, our new website should contribute to achieving the following objectives:

  • Position Geneva Call on new operational activities (new thematic issues of displacement, the protection of medical missions and cultural heritage in particular)
  • Strengthen Geneva Call’s overall credibility and reputation to support the organisation’s mission (fostering the protection of civilians in conflict zones through humanitarian dialogue with ANSAs to improve their respect for International Humanitarian Law)
  • Boost Geneva Call’s presence in international media (online and offline)

The main audiences for the website are as follows:

  • The humanitarian community (international organisations, other NGOS etc. working in the same or related fields, e.g. ICRC, OCHA, GICHD, MSF etc.), donors (mainly institutional), states (states in which we operate as well as donor states and other states that may be involved in some way).
  • The media, especially the major international media outlets, the general public, think tanks, academics and other experts.

Date of Publication

17 Aug 2018


COMRELEX (Communication and External Relations)


Geneva Call is searching for a provider who can redesign our website to support us in repositioning our organisation and in achieving the strategic communication objectives mentioned above. This would involve, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Redesigning the look and feel of the website, to include our new visual identity and to be more modern, visually dynamic and engaging and efficient
  • Maintenance and support services
  • The website will primarily be available in English, French and Arabic
  • It should have a clean, modern, and visually attractive look
  • It should be fully secured against all types of cyber risks and attacks
  • We are likely to need the following types of pages as a minimum: home page, about us, what we do, where we work, donate, contact
  • It should display properly on mobile devices as well as PCs
  • It should feature links to our social media accounts

Specific requirements in terms of design:

  • An interactive world map showing the thematic areas in which we work, the ANSAs we maintain a humanitarian dialogue with and the geographical regions in which we have offices and operations.
  • The possibility to publish more “stories from the field” (from both staff and beneficiaries), perhaps in a dedicated section of the site, in order to boost the “human factor” of our communication, as we aim to focus more on storytelling, on showing the impact and consequences of our work on a micro level, within communities and for individuals and families. We should use these stories to publicise and disseminate the results of our work which will subsequently attract more attention to the organisation and our mission as a whole. The stories will most likely feature videos, images and infographics, rather than plain text.

Specific requirements in terms of technical features:

  • Possibility to get a quick and attractive overview of our activities (where and how we work, ANSAs, thematic areas, geographical regions etc.) from the home page
  • Simple to add/modify content at a later stage (for example, additional pages or sections, including blogs, articles, photos, videos etc.) from the backend, without using code.
  • High ranking on search engines
  • RSS feeds for all regularly updated pages
  • Possible donation page linked to Paypal or other similar service
  • Possible subscription option (to sign up to newsletter)
  • Possibility to manage and record data and statistics (track visits to each page)
  • The site must comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation


We will determine which offer best meets our needs based on a number of criteria including: your understanding of our mission and communication objectives, your ability to deliver an effective and attractive final product based on your understanding of this document, Geneva Call more broadly, our key messages and our target audiences and your previous work and the value for money offered by your proposal.

Please provide us with your offer responding to our requirements and expectations as mentioned above. Your offer should ideally be in word or pdf format and should demonstrate why your company is best placed to help us develop our digital communication activities, through our website. Please send us your offer (in English or French) by email to by Monday 10 September 2018. We aim to launch our new website before the end of 2018. Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to get in contact.