Protecting civilians in armed conflict

Consultancy: Facilitator for mission opening Ukraine

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Status :  Open

Date of Publication

19 Sep 2017




Consultancy: Facilitator for mission opening Ukraine

1.     Geneva Call:

Geneva Call (GC) is a private, not-for-profit humanitarian organization founded in 1998 under Swiss law. Geneva Call is dedicated to promoting respect for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians by armed movements, de facto and governing administrations. Geneva Call is currently focusing its efforts on banning the use of anti-personnel mines, protecting children from the effects of armed conflict, prohibiting sexual violence in armed conflict and working towards the elimination of gender discrimination. Geneva Call expanding its work towards the prohibition of forced displacement, the protection of the medical mission and of cultural heritage.

2.     Background:

Geneva Call is intending to launch a humanitarian program in the Region to engage governing administrations and military movements on the Law of Armed Conflict as a way to reduce the adverse impact of armed violence. In October 2016, Geneva Call undertook a mission to Kiev and met with key Ministries and officials who expressed support to Geneva Call. They requested Geneva Call to meet with officials in the separatist areas to seek their agreement to work in the area under their control. Geneva Call travelled to the region in spring 2017 to gain further support. The analysis of the information gathered in the field and through a desk assessment has paved the way for Geneva Call to take a step forward towards formalizing its presence in the region as a preparatory step to launch its program along the contact line and in other key areas. As recommended by stakeholders in the region, Geneva Call will emphasise its neutral and impartial approach and will work with transparency with all parties to the conflict.

3.      Overall consultancy objectives:

The overall aim of the consultancy is to prepare the opening of an impartial humanitarian program in Ukraine and the Donbass. The program aims at advocating towards governing administrations and armed movements towards achieving humanitarian policies and practices of the highest standard in respect to the protection of civilians affected by armed conflict.


Geneva Call has already undertaken a field assessment in the region (except in the Donbass) and is now in a position to deploy in the field. It is firstly required for Geneva Call to officially register in Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk; and secondly, to liaise with influential actors who can support the development of the program. To that end, Geneva Call is looking for a consultant to work ahead of program deployment in country and consolidate the preparatory phase. The consultant will be hired for a 2-month period of time and the following results will be expected:


The consultant will be expected to accomplish the following tasks:


Registration of Geneva Call:

  • Gather information related to registration procedures in Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk and share recommendations on the way forward with the supervisor ;
  • Identify lawyer/s who could advise Geneva Call on registration in the three areas (review registration letters and files before submission and follow up on dossier at Ministry level);
  • Identify and secure meeting with officials in each areas to undertake bilateral briefings related to Geneva Call’s plans in the region (Briefings to be held in Nov. 17)
  • Identify office locations and enquire labour legislation to ensure Geneva Call will employ personnel as per labour law;
  • Identify and liaise with military officials in Kiev and in the Donbass and prepare for briefing sessions for military officials on Geneva Call’s approach (Nov. 2017 with the support of Head of Region)


  • Attend humanitarian forums and ensure Geneva Call becomes known and supported by protection organizations involved in similar area of work;
  • Help identify local neutral and objective partner organizations that could support the work of Geneva Call and contribute in advocacy towards governing administrations and armed movements;
  • Secure formal and informal meetings for Geneva Call Head of Region in the three areas with main donors, ambassadors and diplomates, government and military officials in November 2017;

Preparation of Nov 2017 HQ mission in the region:

  • Secure meetings with key interlocutors;
  • Prepare logistics for the mission (hotels, drivers, transportations);
  • Prepare venue and logistics to gather key interlocutors for two round tables on advocating towards enhanced protection in armed conflict in Ukraine;
  • Ensure press coverage of the event;



  • Contribute to the development of security guidelines for the concerned region;
  • Connect Geneva Call to INGO forum, UNDSS and relevant security management structures to ensure Geneva Call is fed with necessary information that will contribute to the protection of the personnel, the program and local partner organisations;

4.      Reporting and deliverables:

A final narrative report including:

  • Executive summary;
  • Analysis of the level of acceptancy by the governments;
  • Identification of all administrative tasks to be completed to start intervention (beyond registration such as labour and tax requirements, etc.);
  • Conflict and actors mapping;
  • Protection analysis including response;
  • Contact list of key interlocutors;
  • Identification of CBOs and CSOs working in the field of protection for potential partnerships;
  • Risk analysis;
  • List of key running costs (telecommunication, office rental, salary etc.).
  • Recommendations;

5.      Research Principles

All Geneva Call’s activities are guided by the principle of do-no-harm. Moreover, all assessments should strive to fulfil the highest criteria of accuracy, independence, informed consent, and should adequately attribute sources.

6.      Budget

The candidate is asked to submit a cost proposal that specifies the daily rate, as well as any other costs related to this consultancy (insurance, accommodation, logistical means, and transportation).

7.      Other relevant information:


The overall supervisor of this assignment will be the Head of Eurasia Region.

Length of consultancy and proposed calendar:

  • 5 working days (incl. travel) to Geneva HQ as induction session aiming at getting familiar with Geneva Call’s approach, sharpen consultancy planning and make necessary administrative and logistical arrangements prior depart to the region;
  • 20 working days in the field;
  • 7 working days as support to the mission of the Head of Region;
  • 3 working days to follow on field mission recommendations;
  • 2 working days for report writing;
  • 4 working days in Geneva to debrief on the mission and consultancy;
  • 1 working day to edit the report
  • Total: 42 working days


Required language:

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English


Preferable nationality:

From Eastern Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)


Academic background:

IHL, IRHL, international relations


Required Skills and Abilities:

Excellent communication and diplomatic skills, considerable existing network in the region, ability to travel independently, protection INGO proven experience, sound understanding of the political and security environment of the region, demonstrated experience working with civil society, grassroots activists, militias and political actors in CIS.


Location of the consultance:

Based in Kiev with regular travel to the Donetsk and Lugansk and regional countries


Consultancy fees: monthly fees includes perdiem, transport and lodging fees when travelling outside of Kiev as per Geneva Call’s internal procedures

8.      Applications

The interested candidates should provide the following documents:

  • CV that shows the relevant experience;
  • Suggested assessment methodology (including work plan);
  • Cost proposal.

Applications should be sent to the following email address:, with the reference “Ukraine facilitation”.