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About Geneva Call

Geneva Call is a non-profit organization based in Geneva and created in 2000.

Geneva Call is a neutral and impartial non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting respect by armed non-State actors for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians.


Geneva Call wishes to sign a contract with a graphic designer or graphic design company to produce its communication and training materials. The resulting contract is expected to remain valid for a maximum of four years from the date of signature.

Date of Publication

21 Aug 2018


COMRELEX (Communication and External Relations)


The provider should be able to reflect Geneva Call’s identity across a variety of communication tools and media including publications, training materials, articles and reports. Each product will need to be adapted to convey the message in an efficient manner with a modern and attractive design. Geneva Call’s colours, fonts and style should be strictly respected. The types of documents to be designed may include:

  • Layout of A5 leaflets with approximately 6 pages and their adaptation to different languages
  • Layout of A6 booklets with drawings and their adaptation to different languages
  • Layout of A1, and A3 posters
  • Layout of annual reports (short A5 version with around 30 pages and long A4 version with around 50 pages)
  • Layout of brochures and other publications (mostly A4)
  • Layout of business cards and ID-type employee cards
  • Possible development of infographics or other visual elements to display data
  • And other documents upon request

Selection criteria

  • Respect for Geneva Call’s existing visual identity and the ability to develop our design
  • Creativity in regard to suggesting new products or designs
  • Willingness and ability to understand what we do and to convey the messages efficiently
  • Price including VAT
  • Production time and delivery
  • Experience with non-profit organizations or international organisations

Format and timeline

Please provide us with your best offer in response to all our selection criteria. Your offer should be in Word or PDF format, in English or French, and no longer than 2 pages. We would like to see references and some samples of your work. Your offer should be sent by email to by 28 September 2018.