Protecting civilians in armed conflict

Appel de Genève / Geneva Call is looking for a short-term position (6 months) working part-time – Analyst/Researcher in Islamic Law (Shia) and International Law

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Status :  Open

Geneva Call is a neutral and impartial non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting respect by armed non-State actors (ANSAs) for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians. Geneva Call is currently focusing its efforts on banning the use of anti-personnel mines, protecting children from the effects of armed conflict, prohibiting sexual violence in armed conflict and working towards the elimination of gender discrimination.

Appel de Genève / Geneva Call is a private, not-for-profit humanitarian organization founded in 1998 under Swiss law.

Date of Publication

4 Jul 2018


PLU (Policy & Legal Unit)



Analyst/Researcher in Islamic Law (Shia) and International Law



– Comparative research between Islamic Law (Shia), IHL and IHRL.

– Developing Geneva Call’s in-house knowledge on the main principles of Islamic jurisprudence

from a Shia perspective relevant to armed conflicts.

– Develop a map of influential Shia actors.

– Develop Geneva Call’s knowledge management capacities and a map of target          audiences.

– Carry out an interpretative analysis of Islamic Law from a Shia perspective in selected conflicts.


Main qualifications

– Analyst/Researcher in Islamic Law and International Law, experience in contexts with conflict actors in the Shia Muslim world is an asset.

– Academic background: Advanced studies (Master/PhD) in Islamic Law and International Law.

– Field experience in conflict zones is an asset.

– Language: English and Arabic (fluent).


Conflict of interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève/Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.




  • Position : Consultant
  • Preferred start date : 01/09




To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, work certificate / recommendation letter and diploma in PDF format to, Ref: “Islamic Law – Shia Perspective” no later than 10/08.

All applications will be kept confidential. Please note only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for further process.