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Western Sahara: the Polisario Front announces the destruction of its remaining stockpiles of anti-personnel mines

12 June 2017

The Polisario Front recently announced the destruction of its remaining stockpiles of anti-personnel (AP) mines. At a meeting with Geneva Call in April, the President and Minister of Defence of the Sahrawi Arab... read more


IN THEIR WORDS – a new video featuring 13 representatives of armed non-State actors

16 September 2015

Geneva Call has just released a short video featuring 13 high-level representatives of armed non-State actors (ANSAs) from 10 countries, including Syria, Burma/Myanmar and Sudan. In it, they explain why they think it is... read more


Geneva Conventions and armed movements: an unprecedented move

4 August 2015

The Polisario Front—an armed movement struggling for the independence of Western Sahara—is now formally bound by the Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocol I (API). On 23 June 2015, the Polisario Front... read more


Western Sahara: the Polisario Front destroys stockpiles of anti-personnel mines

31 March 2015

On 30 March, the Polisario Front destroyed a stockpile of anti-personnel (AP) mines in Tifariti, Western Sahara. The total number of destroyed AP mines still has to be confirmed. This is the fifth destruction since the... read more

Building knowledge in International Humanitarian Law for the Polisario Front

19 March 2011

From 27 to 29 April 2011, Geneva Call, in cooperation with the Sanremo International Institute of Humanitarian Law, conducted a training course on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for five senior military officers... read more

The Polisario Front continues the destruction of its landmine stocks

7 March 2011

Geneva/Tifariti, 4 March 2011 – On 28 February, the Polisario Front, with technical support from the British organization Landmine Action, destroyed 1,506 deadly anti-personnel (AP) mines in Tifariti, Western Sahara.... read more


Western Sahara: The Polisario Front starts to destroy its landmine stockpile

1 March 2006

The Polisario Front Starts to Destroy its Landmine Stockpile Geneva/Tifariti - 1 March 2006 On 27 February 2006, the Polisario Front, in compliance with the Geneva Call Deed of Commitment, began the destruction of... read more

Geneva Call’s mission in disputed Western Sahara: new progress in the fight against landmines

15 June 2005

Geneva Call’s Mission in Disputed Western Sahara: New Progress in the Fight against Landmines 15 June 2005 The President of the “Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” and Secretary General of the Polisario Front,... read more