Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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Syria: senior commanders of 8 Free Syrian Army brigades met in Geneva to discuss how to better protect children during conflict

28 February 2017

Geneva Call held a workshop with commanders of 8 brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to discuss the laws of armed conflict with a focus on the issues of child recruitment and protection of education in armed... read more


Kurdish region: amidst concerns about child recruitment, Geneva Call launches a campaign on the protection of the civilian population

7 February 2017

On 14th February 2017 Geneva Call is launching a 10-day video campaign on social media – mainly Facebook and Twitter - to raise awareness on the issue of recruitment and use of children during armed conflict and the... read more


Geneva Call gathers 21 armed movements in Geneva to discuss how to better protect children and education in armed conflict

1 December 2016

From 22 to 24 November 2016, 31 leaders, commanders and advisers of 21 armed movements from 11 countries, including Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Yemen, and Burma/Myanmar, participated in workshops and discussions around the... read more


Democratic Republic of Congo: first steps towards greater respect for the civilian populations in North Kivu

6 July 2016

Geneva Call is entering its second year of work in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The organization has recently observed concrete examples of improvements in respect for civilians by various armed groups with... read more

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Colombia: Geneva Call invited to support the demobilization of minors from the ranks of the FARC-EP

28 June 2016

Geneva Call is pleased with the 15 May 2016 agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) regarding the demobilization of minors from FARC-EP camps.... read more


India: an ethnic armed movement commits to prohibit the recruitment and use of children in hostilities

8 March 2016

On 2nd March 2015, the Zomi Re-Unification Organisation (ZRO) signed Geneva Call’s Deed of Commitment protecting children in armed conflict. In signing this Deed the ZRO publicly asserts its commitment to respect the... read more

The girls at the centre receive an education far from hostilities. November 2015. © Geneva Call

A report from inside Syria: a visit to monitor the prohibition on the use of child soldiers in Kurdish areas

10 February 2016

November 2015. For the sixth time since the Syrian Kurdish armed forces signed the Deed of Commitment protecting children in armed conflict, in 2014, a team from Geneva Call went to Syria to monitor the situation... read more


Democratic Republic of Congo: A Mai Mai armed movement changes its code of war following recommendations from Geneva Call

22 January 2016

After several meetings with Geneva Call, and dialogue in the Masisi region, the leaders of the Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Sovereign Congo (APCLS) have amended their code of war and code of conduct in... read more