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Transnistria (also called Transdniester or Pridnestrovie) was formerly an autonomous part of Ukraine until the Soviet Union combined it with Bessarabia to form the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940.

Transnistria unilaterally declared its independence in 1990. This led to armed conflict with Moldova in 1992, in which several hundred people were killed. Both sides used landmines during the conflict. Since the ceasefire, the two parties have been in a state of ‘frozen conflict’. The breakaway territory has not been internationally recognized though a further attempt to assert independence was made in 2006 via a referendum that also declared support for a plan to join Russia.

Despite the efforts of several national and international actors, Transnistria is faced with a serious problem of trafficking of women and sexual violence.


Geneva Call engaged the de facto Transnistria authorities on the anti-personnel (AP) mine ban and gender issues over a two-year period.

Banning AP mines

In October 2010, Geneva Call visited Transnistria and the Moldovan capital Chisinau to follow up on a 2009 visit advocating for a total AP mine ban.

In meetings with Geneva Call, Transnistria authorities informed the organization that they could not ban landmines until the final resolution of the conflict.

Geneva Call therefore focused its advocacy on legislation, based on customary IHL norms, to regulate the use of AP mines.

Main achievements

  • Geneva Call engaged the de facto Transnistrian authorities and made them aware of the international AP mine ban norm.
  • Geneva Call advocated legislation to regulate the use of landmines.
  • Local civil society organizations received support in order to help develop their advocacy activities in the region.


In Moldova, Geneva Call works or has worked with the following armed non-State actors:

Organization Active Thematic areas
Landmine ban Child protection Gender issues Humanitarian norms
de facto Transnistrian authorities Yes
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